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Relationships can be overwhelming and complicated in a modern society. We expect everything we ever desire from one partner and that person has to want the same from us. Traditional union provides fulfillment to many, but not to all. Modern dating is as confusing and time consuming as ever.

At 23mate, authenticity strikes a chord. Our members are individuals who desire unions and partnerships. Here, we seek transparency in values, wellbeing, career, financial and social status. We choose relationships based on our lifestyle, and live the fulfillment beyond the social norms.

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Blissful Mate

For Romantic Partners

  • Curated profiles
  • Personalized matching
  • Vouching and rating
  • Coaching and counseling
  • Like minded community

Soul Mate

For Life Partners

  • Blissful Mate
  • +
  • Wellness assessment
  • Mediation and counseling
  • Legal services
  • Domestic economic model


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  • Pre-screened and curated member profiles
  • Match what matters
    • Timing and Goals
    • Financial stability
    • Intellectual and social compatibility
    • Interests and passion
  • Friends and Family vouched profiles
  • Overall wellness and Genetic assesment
  • Life, Sex, Communication coaching
  • Legal and counseling services
  • Economic model for partnerships


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